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About Guadalquivir River Cruise

Apart from many things to do in Seville, take a cruise ride on the Guadalquivir River, which is the second largest and the only major navigable river in Spain. The Guadalquivir River cruise offers gorgeous views of the historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Spain such as forts and palaces that reflect the marvelous architecture of the past. Experience the waterways sailors sailed through during the ancient years as you explore the beautiful cities and buildings that will give you a glimpse into the history of southern Spain.

The 408-mile-long Guadalquivir river boat tour will also take you where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean near the port of Cadiz. Cadiz is one of Western Europe's oldest cities and an important port in Spain. The Guadalquivir river cruise Seville is the most popular river cruising experience in Spain. Enjoy the surreal blue skies complimenting the vibrant architecture of the city around you as you blissfully sail across the river. Enhance your cruise experience as you catch the golden hour in the evening and catch the mellow sun rays turning the river silver and the skies orange in color. Guadalquivir river boat tour is a must-have experience for all tourists who would love to explore the rich culture and history of Seville.

Highlights Of The Guadalquivir River Cruise

  • Start your Guadalquivir river cruise from Seville as you depart from Marques del Contadero.

  • Get ready to witness Sevilla’s most iconic and historic monuments, buildings, and architectural beauty as you begin to sail through the second-largest river in Spain.

  • The cruise offers a guided tour with a speaker that will walk you through all the significant locations that it passes by.

  • Keep your cameras ready to capture the beautiful sights as you pass under the Triana bridge which was declared a National Historic Monument in 1976.

  • You will also come across tall towers, monasteries, convents, and many other notable sightseeing attractions that the loudspeaker commentary will tell you about during the boat tour.

  • Learn about the rich history of Seville with this beautiful and tranquil cruise across the Guadalquivir river.

  • Catch the evening cruise to watch the sunset as it paints the skies in beautiful orange hues and makes the cruising experience all the more breathtaking.

Available Guadalquivir River Cruise Options

If you’re planning to take a Guadalquivir River Cruise, there are plenty of tour options to choose from. Many websites offer a variety of tour options such as the Guadalquivir Yacht Cruise tour, Sevilla’s Guadalquivir 1-hour city cruise, Flamenco cruise on the Guadalquivir river, an exclusive river boat tour with Tapas, and the sightseeing Eco-cruise.

Guadalquivir Yacht Cruise Tour In Seville

A Guadalquivir yacht cruise offers an intimate tour of Seville city with a new perspective of the city. You can enjoy a luxury yacht cruise with your friends or family while enjoying the gorgeous views of the city’s famous landmarks along with learning about its historic significance. Choose between the day tour and the night tour for an amazing experience that you’ll cherish forever.

Soak in the surrounding beauty of the river and the city while you sip on some fine wine with your group. The yacht cruise offers several onboard amenities like drinks, music, food, etc., and is usually a 60 to 90 minutes long tour.

Sevilla's Guadalquivir 1-Hour City Cruise

The 1-hour city cruise of the Guadalquivir river departs from the dock of Marques del Contedaro and will take you through the most iconic landmarks of Seville. Experience the rich culture and history of the city as you sail across and take in panoramic views of the beautiful architecture and monuments. Apart from sightseeing, you also get an audio guide that tells you about the significance of the Guadalquivir river as well as the landmarks that you’ll witness during the tour. The boat tour of Spain’s second-largest river is not only entertaining but entertaining as well. Don’t forget to keep your cameras handy to capture the best shots of the city from the riverside.

Seville: Flamenco Cruise On The Guadalquivir River

The flamenco cruise departs from the Marques del Contedaro docks is usually lasts 1 hour to 1.5 hours. The cruise begins with an authentic Andalusian flamenco show where artists deliver singing and dancing performances while playing the flamenco guitars. Soak in the beautiful and vibrant culture of Sevilla as you sip on some delicious sangria while you enjoy the flamenco show by the Sevillian artists. After the show, you get to enjoy the gorgeous views of the city from a different perspective as your cruise sails through the city. Get a chance to learn about the history of the most popular sightseeing attractions on the Guadalquivir river with an enriching and entertaining experience.

Seville: Exclusive River Boat Tour With Tapas

For those traveling in large groups, an exclusive river boat tour with tapas is the best way to experience Seville on water. The exclusive boat tour offers a 1-hour boat ride in the Guadalquivir river that begins from central Seville near the historic Triana Bridge. Enjoy live commentary from the captain of the boat as you sail through La Cartuja Island, the newest part of the city. As you pass under the Triana Bridge, one of the oldest iron bridges in Europe, you will witness famous landmarks such as Torro del Oro, Palacio de San Telmo, Plaza de Espana, and more.

Seville: 1-Hour Guadalquivir River Sightseeing Eco Cruise

The Guadalquivir River 1-hour sightseeing eco-cruise departs from Muelle de Nueva Yorck dock in Seville. Sail through the cooling breezy ride on the Guadalquivir river as you board the eco-friendly boats with an indoor bar/cafe. Catch glimpses of the most popular landmarks of Seville as you learn about its rich cultural and religious history with a live commentary. Take pictures with gorgeous backdrops of the river and famous historic buildings and enjoy drinks and snacks from the bar. The eco-cruise is perfect for small as well as large groups who’d love to take an intimate cruise tour across the Guadalquivir river.

Guadalquivir River Cruise FAQs

Can I book the Guadalquivir River Cruise online?

Yes, the Guadalquivir river cruise Seville tickets can be booked online through various websites. Many websites offer packages that include sightseeing activities and cruise rides. You can choose the packages according to your preferences and book the tickets online without much hassle.

Do we have to purchase separate Guadalquivir River cruise tickets for the kids?

Yes, separate tickets need to be purchased for all individuals including children. All kids should be accompanied by an adult to board the cruise. However, kids aged 12 years and younger have free access to the Guadalquivir River Cruise Seville and do not need a paid ticket.

Do we have to book tickets in advance for Guadalquivir River Cruise?

It is always better to book your tickets in advance to get the best prices and find suitable time slots. The Guadalquivir river cruise starts at 11 am and a cruise departs every 30 minutes, so it is better to book your tickets in advance to catch the cruise ride by skipping the long lines and catching the cruise that is best suitable to your itinerary.

How long is the Guadalquivir River Cruise boat tour?

The usual Guadalquivir river cruise Seville boat tour takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending upon the choice of your package. Each boat tour starts from Marques del Contedaro and gives you a beautiful city view from the riverside including the famous landmarks such as Plaza de Espana, Triana bridge, bullring, etc. The cruise ride comes to an end with a complete roundtrip to the Marques del Contedaro for deboarding of the visitors.

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Are pets allowed on Guadalquivir River Cruise?

Yes, pets are allowed on the Guadalquivir River Cruise as it is a pet-friendly boat tour. There are no tickets charged for the entry of pets on the Guadalquivir cruise. Most of the staff on the cruise is very accommodating and are always happy to welcome your furry friends on board.

What is the best time to experience the Guadalquivir River boat tour?

The most pleasant time to experience the Guadalquivir River cruise in Seville is during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is pleasant. During the summer, the temperature in Seville gets very hot which could be uncomfortable for tourists. The blue skies during the months of March-May and September-October are beautiful to look at.


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